To assist with the SIM™ assessment the following support tools are available:
Click ‘Download PDF’ and save or print as required.

  • SIM™ Equipment Checklist

    A guide of equipment used to conduct a SIM™ assessment. Download PDF
  • Assessment in Progress Poster

    A poster to display the resident infomation. Download PDF
  • Measure, Weigh and Record Poster

    This poster reminds to measure urine output, weigh the SIM™ sensors and to record observations into the SM™ assist app. Download PDF
  • Important things to check

    A checklist to remind of tasks to be completed for a successful SIM™ assessment. Download Pocket Size PDF Download A4 PDF
  • Fluid Measurement Guide

    A poster displaying fluid measurement volumes Download A4 PDF Download Word docx
  • SIM™ System Installation Manual

    A guide to install the SIM™ system. It contains installation, configuration and troubleshooting information. Download PDF
  • SIM™ User Manual

    A guide to the maintenance of the SIM™ system. It contains valuable advice and troubleshooting information.

    SIM™ system Version 4.10 User Manual Download PDF
    SIM™ system Version 4.11 User Manual Download PDF
    SIM™ system Version 4.11 User Manual is also available in the following languages:

    Download PDF Danish
    Download PDF Dutch
    Download PDF French
    Download PDF German
    Download PDF Italian
    Download PDF Norwegian
    Download PDF Spanish
    Download PDF Swedish
  • Additional Information

    SIM™ sensor
    If the SIM™ sensor packaging has been opened, always check to see if the wetness indicator has blurred or disappeared. If the wetness indicator is blurred / disappeared, DISCARD the SIM™ sensor. In order to prevent pad leakage it is recommended you maintain your current practice for checking / changing the SIM™ sensor on your resident during the SIM™ assessment period. Remember to always check the wetness indicator to determine if the SIM™ sensor has reached maximum capacity. To reduce the risk of direct contact with urine, faeces and other bodily fluids it is recommended to wear disposable gloves when disposing of the SIM™ sensor. Always follow your internal infection control policy when disposing of used continence products.

    SIM™ is not a substitute for standard care practice

    SIM™ assist
    If the SIM™ assist is unavailable to enter observations please notify your supervisor immediately. Your supervisor will be able to enter the observations directly into the SIM™ manager.
  • SIM™ pod cleaning

    This poster is used to show a recommended method for cleaning the SIM™ pods. Download PDF
  • SIM™ pod indicator light colours guide

    Provides a guide to SIM™ pod indicator lights. Download PDF Download Summary PDF (A4)